Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dance rehearsal for CE sunday

Hai! I am aunty jessie...... here are some photos taken during the rehearsal on 17 jan .... happy viewing.

They are having great fun....... jumping the Light...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Light is the theme for the next retreat 19-23 Dec

something for your reading:

"I really don't want to go to Sunday school tomorrow," Sarah told her grandpa. "I don't know anybody there. Can't I just stay home?"

"I don't want to go, either," announced Brendon, Sarah's little brother.

"Me, neither." Scott, the youngest of the three siblings spoke up.

"We'll all go," said Grandpa firmly, "but right now I have the dogs hooked up to the sled-and it's your turn for a ride, Sarah."

"All right!" exclaimed Sarah. Dogsled rides were a special treat they enjoyed at Grandpa's house, and Sarah eagerly followed him outdoors.

"Oh, Grandpa, you're using Kodiak on the team today," Sarah said as she looked at the dogs. "When we take him, the other dogs don't run as well!" She sighed loudly and sat down on the sled. Why does Grandpa want to take Kodiak? she wondered. He'll probably decide to stop and dig at something. Then the other dogs will stop, too, and their harness lines will get all tangled.

Grandpa hopped on the runners. "Let's go!" he shouted. They glided down the driveway and out onto the snow-packed road. Sarah clapped her mittened hands with excitement as they raced to the top of the hill.

Just then Kodiak spotted a branch sticking out of the snow. He pulled hard toward the side and stopped. For a minute, the other dogs tried to go on, but soon they all stopped. Just like Sarah feared, they got tangled up in each other's lines. Grandpa got off the sled to straighten them out.

"I knew this would happen! Why did we have to use Kodiak?" asked Sarah.

"Well, I need to train him-he needs the practice," Grandpa replied. As he worked, he added, "You should be patient with him. After all, the two of you are kind of alike."

"What do you mean?" asked Sarah, staring at Grandpa in surprise.

"Kodiak sets a bad example for the other dogs, and just this morning, you set a bad example for your brothers," explained Grandpa. "When you grumble about going to Sunday school, they don't want to go, either." He got back onto the sled runners. "Kodiak will learn," he added. "I hope you will, too."

What kind of example are you to your siblings and friends? Think about your actions. Do the things you do and say encourage them to do what is right? When others copy you, will they be acting in a way that will glorify God? Today's Key Verse lists several areas in which God wants you to be an example to others. Think about them; pray about them; and with God's help, put them into practice in your life.

Be an example . . . in word, in conduct, in love in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

Friday, September 25, 2009

retreat!!! a smash!!!!!!

The retreat started on monday 21st sept at 10am. We prepared and cooked all our meals, not even one was from the stalls.... but it sure to a toll on the helpers, especially the breakfasts... preparation was at 3am...wakakaka.....

This time, we concentrate on Psalm 1 and 23 and boy oh boy, the children were amazing!!! They were able to memorise both psalms. Praise the

We started with team-building: Building a shelter to fit 3 persons. The children were very helpful. The leaders are new.

Lifung's team: Structure collapsed because there was no foundation for the shelter. It could not protect the children from rain or wind or earthquake. However the children were obedient and worked as directed by the leader.
Larry and Daltons team: The leaders worked with the children , but there was two who were taking things easy.. they were spotted reading the newspaper instead of helping...Their structure protected them from rain and wind but collapsed when asked to remove their hands.

Josh's team: Could see that he was in-charged and though the children were given different jobs to complete, they were very united. Their shelter stood firm in all the 3 tests!!! BRAVO!!


Thanks to helpful girls like Mee Hee and Eu Ting who turned the kitchenette spotless. I am sure their moms would be proud of them!!!

Aunty Bee Gin showed all how to make beautiful sushi and the children had a wonderful time making their own lunch...pity though the rice was not enough but children being children ..they left nothing to waste.

BBQ nite was great with aunty Lucy doing the korean beef, the chicken wings, young sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and crayfish..

Retreats are so amazing ... God ALWAYS reveals new talents...always... as far as I can see there will definitely be a new Praise and Worship Band for the youth..

And aspiring vocalists too... (Shirley and Esther) Ying Sze take note

It was worth every minute of our sleepless nights and i was KO-ed and on the floor by 1.30pm 23/09 ...yer i really don't know what kind of impression (==) it'd make to the parents,..hehe i'd no idea..

I will have all the pictures developed and complied into an album. Reprints are available from CRC.



Monday, September 14, 2009

Retreat is here!!! 21-23 sept 09

Hi hi.. it has been sooooooooooo loooooooonnnnnnggggggg...

here is the timetable.

you can call me to register too.. 016-8724561


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